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Friday 13 March 2020

Destination Dumfries


Hello everyone, how are all the Oro-ites this week?

Gosh, where to begin with this next chapter of my life. The pets started doing all kinds of crazy things at this stage and I was always traveling around with Ray or at a different hotel and even eventually at this place they kept calling The Distillery…well from what I could understand it was going to be the distillery. Oh, I forgot, so here you see me with my current favourite ball, I say current because I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to toys. I love to play, and I love to run around like a lunatic. I will be sharing some of my other favourites later on.

I suppose I should start at the beginning with my arrival to Dumfries, I have had such an adventure here. Instead of living in a house or apartment, we were staying in a Hotel – I really can’t see the difference, my pets do the same as normal. They have rooms to stay in, beds to sleep in and they even now have a bar for their drinkies when they need. This to me looked like a win win for them! I can’t complain mind you, this Hetland Hall Hotel had a huge place for me to explore and lots of long grass to hide from my pets in!

I spent hours playing with all the doggies in this garden, I wasn’t sure why, but the weather started to improve, and the evenings became lighter. Ray would sometimes bring my dinner outside, something he would call “alfresco” all I know is it was most definitely fresh outside! At this hotel they also had some great furniture that I would sit on after my dinner and just enjoy the evening smells…it was usually my pet’s dinner time at this point, all these smells would definitely make me hungry again.


Each day from Hetland Hall we would go to this Distillery place, luckily it is only a couple of minutes down the road and it was a magical place for me to explore, smells I had never encountered, places to hide and stuff to mark!! I am going to show you what I mean, these next photos were just as Ray, Jacquie, John and the team started at this distillery place. It has changed a dash!


My pets had to look after me all the time when at this place, because there wasn’t any fences to stop me exploring the roads.

I was told this was the building that wasn’t damaged by the fire, I liked to explore this one as the other was scary and smelt really strongly of burnt!! At the time I understood from my pets this building would become the Distillery and tapas bar. Little did I know this would become my favourite place to relax during the day and my domain. 

This space is now the BierKeller and summer lounge…gosh it has changed!

The “Burnt out” as my pets called it, was a very very scary place – I tried to go in there to show I wasn’t scared, but Ray would chase after me and bring me back outside to the courtyard. Telling me not to go in there as it was dangerous. What do you think friends?


As you can see Oro-ites, there was a dash of work to be done on this space. I have heard this space will one day be the Restaurant with “suites” – I am not sure what these are, but they sound tasty!

Now back to my domain, this space even had a jungle, a “whatever that was”, and lots of old stores.

These rooms would become something my pets spent months rebuilding, in the next chapters of my adventure we will look at these fun times, hard times and sometimes crazy times.

This week I also got to meet Minty the still, I had and have no idea what “a still” is. Ray spends a lot of time per day with these things and to be quite frank I am jealous. Its less time to play and take me on walkies!!

So my friends, this was the start of our adventure and the start of the build at The Distillery. I look forward to sharing the next chapter of the adventure and you will notice I start to become a dash bigger!

Woof and out Oro-ites






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