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Friday 28 February 2020

The Adventure goes North


Good afternoon friends and Oro-ites, 

This was the start of my adventure north of border. This was a time when I met the pet they call John. He is a close friend of my pet family and met Ray at university (god knows what that is??), he began the adventure with me. We both are going "North" with Ray and my pet mummy Jacquie (well my mummy and John are from this North place so going home I suppose). 

It was a place I called home for months, they had the most amazing parks - lots of trees to show my pets and amazing bars that let me in!

This place is Edinburgh!!

I have to admit its one of my favourite places in the World, going out for “walkies” I seem to meet so many fellow doggies that also undertake these strange rituals, some even tell me they go out at first light! Can you believe it, going out for a “walkie” in the dark and cold?! No no, thank goodness Ray (my chief pet) prefers the afternoon! We discuss at length between the council of Inverleith Park dogs and we do agree that these “walkies” are quite good fun and it allows us to converse about all things doggy. As I was only a wee doggy at this time, my vote wasn’t large but I certainly enjoyed meeting fellow friends.  

Yet sometimes the pets say to walk... I say no!

After “walkies in the parkies” the strangest thing would happen. We would be going to the “Pub”, it was something I really had no idea about but, I got to know a lot of people through this thing my pets called, "going for a drink".

It is a confusing construct to be honest, we go to a place that is considered comfy or trendy and then sit there and have things we have at home. Yet, all the pets seem very happy, so I oblige and guard them. I must also admit, whilst having these drinks a lot of people pop over to see me and these lovely pubs always bring me biscuits and “doggy beer”…this was in fact water, but my pets would giggle when they called it beer so I always gave my tail a wag. Wait in fact my pets did find doggy beer!! 

My favourite “Pub” also was a place that Ray loves, so that was useful! We would spend many hours in Teutchers Landing (Leith). Everyone there is so kind, I get all the attention and Ray seems happy to! Win win! We spent many many happy afternoons there and I look forward to going back as an elder doggy soon!

Next week we will continue the adventure of Edinburgh, it’s the most exciting and fabulous place. I have the most fond memories, and I know Ray was happy there as well. Whilst in Edinburgh he was always working on this “gin thing” I will elaborate more on this next week!

Have a wonderful weekend my fellow friends,

Woof and out.


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