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Friday 6 March 2020

The Pets have "Friends"


Good morning Oro-ites


So what is this gin thing my pets are always talking about?? Well it would appear Ray is working on this family project involving the design and distillation of a gin….I hear something about it being called Oro, but that’s hard for a doggie to say! Whereas Rum..that is easy!! I will elaborate on that later in my adventures.

Back to the gin, Ray seems to disappear each day to a place called Heriot Watt. I hear him, pet mummy and John talking about labs, test samples and potential bot-ann-i-cals, whatever they are? I need to find out more about these labs and botanicals they speak of, I mean I know what labs are but this is apparently a place rather than one of my friends.

Apart from the gin, my pets like to sit with me on this lovely balcony during the day, I realised today that this confinement really can’t hold me. In fact, being a ground floor apartment, I have found I can pop my head through and then go for a wonder. I didn’t see this as a problem but gosh, my pets were terrified! Hey ho, this means they now apartently “watch me like a hawk” – which I don’t understand because I am a wheaten.


Oh my god, friends these pets are the pits! I know I call them pets but I wish to change this! They are pests!! So, let me explain, I had spent all month working hard on creating my parfum. I had carefully rubbed up on trees, in bushes, rolled in mud and of course had a dash of splash back from my business in the “parkies”. This was my musk, this was my aroma and might I say it was completely intoxicating to the ladies! And bam… gone in the blink of an eye. Hence I called them the pests for a few days. I mean look at me, I am completely drowned.


My pests kept giggling and saying how cute I was, but that didn’t bother me….my aroma had gone! Back to the drawing board, I shall trial puddles next week!

Anyway after this soul destroying event they called “a bath” was over I got back to my relaxing and playing with my actual auntie Minty. I have to admit we are thick as thieves and play all day. Declan my doggy dad can be a dash grumpy but I know he really loves me. Minty though, she is awesome, we play and play. We have a new game, its tug of war and right now we are matched, but just wait, I have a long way to grow!


Here we are, playing away and actually in the top of this photo is my teddy. Teddy is called cuddles, I love it to bits! My pets/ pests call it “stinky”, I don’t know why, I just love and lick it all day, and well yes he does explore the garden with me….its not that stinky!

I have digressed a dash, this week’s blog is about my pets and their “friends”. This is a truly bizarre concept, these friends come to stay in my house, they bring some sort of drinkie and potentially a gift and then they spend the next few days, drinkie-ing and partying. It may be bizarre but it was amazing!! I met some pets that loved me as much as my pets! Particularly this one that kept cuddling me they called him Adam..I liked Adam. Well actually all of them!


 We had such a fun time, it was dancing and the act they call drinking (so different to me!) and laughing…always laughing. During this weekend they went all over Edinburgh, which was amazing because I could join the pets and witness their silly adventures. It certainly lacked the culture I bring with all the park exploring but hey, they seemed happy!

On the final Saturday evening they had this massive cooling drinkie thing, where they could always get cold beer from. They kept it complete and any other friend pets would just join the house and add more to it. I really can’t complain because it was amazing for me – it was full of beautifully chilled water!


The pets then went out that evening to “party”, I cuddled up to cuddles and relaxed, it was lovely! I finally had some peace and quiet and I could have my super tasty dinner from Jacquie, every evening I have freshly roasted chicken with peas and carrots, it is my absolute favourite!



 I wish they had stayed out for a few more hours, I was completely in my happy dream land after Jacquie had looked after me all evening. Instead they got home when it was in fact light and morning and decided to be completely inconsiderate and wake me up for more cuddles! The audacity!


But hey, Adam was there and this meant more cuddles!!

So apparently this friends party was to signify the next chapter of the adventure…they did not tell me! This was the leaving of Edinburgh and the long beginning of the adventure in Dumfries and Galloway and the building of something the pets called a distillery? Whatever is this?

Next week we will start looking into the adventure that lies ahead.

Woof and out.






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