Aero Spoon

Ergonomic bar spoon made from premium 18/8 Japanese steel for the finest quality.
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Bar spoons gets used every day behind the bar, as such, the Aero Bar Spoon takes an ergonomic approach to its design.


At the tip is a teardrop shape to aid weight distribution when mixing. Further down is a bulbous part of the handle for easy grip. Doing away with the common twisted stem, this bar spoon creates a comfortable hold whilst looking beautiful! 


Made from premium 18/8 Japanese steel, this barspoon offers high rust resistance. As a result, the Aero Spoon will outlast all inferior mixing spoons.


Perfect additon to your home bar with the Aero Jigger! 


It is the ideal spoon for making Negroni's...just ask Ray Jnr!