Oro Signature Cocktail Collection

Five signature Oro cocktails delivered direct to you. All you have to do is...Just add ice.

Oro Signature cocktail collection just for you. 

Five signature cocktails all using our internationally acclaimed Oro gin.

Through careful design we have put together our favourite Oro cocktails ranging from the classic Espresso Martini to our summer strawberry cup - it is very tasty indeed!!

These cocktail selections are available right across the UK - perfect to have that online cocktail party with family and friends in the comfort of your own home and them in theirs, or garden...potentially not in Scotland...weather permitting.

These cocktails are specially formulated for you to make at home, using bar equipment or, as we will demonstrate, standard kitchen items. 


Each cocktail consists of two vials for you to mix at home. All of our cocktails are double measures of Oro gin and include the required juices, mixer, syrups and even garnishes!!

Included Cocktails: 

  • Oro Bramble (50ml Oro Gin, 15ml Gomme 1:1 sugar syrup, 25 ml of Crème de Mure and 20ml Lime juice)


  • Oro Cosmo (50ml Oro Gin, 15ml Gomme 1:1 sugar syrup, 25ml Cranberry juice, 25ml Triple sec, 15ml Lemon juice)


  • Negroni (50ml Oro Gin, 20ml Bitter orange Italian liqueur, 45ml Sweet vermouth and 20ml Bitter orange Italian liqueur)


  • Espresso Martini (50ml Oro Gin, 15ml Gomme 1:1 sugar syrup and 50ml Decaffeinated Italian coffee)


  • Oro Strawberry Cup (50ml Oro Gin, 20ml Mint syrup, 25ml Strawberry syrup, 20ml Lemon juice, 10ml Vanilla rum and a fever-tree lemonade) 


Fun, tasty and simple.....just add ice!! 


Have a look at our videos - www.orogin.co.uk/news/cocktails 


Please note we recommend these are consumed within 2 weeks. Please keep them refrigerated.