Oro Summer Cocktail Hamper

A Wonderful Picnic Hamper Containing Stunning Cocktails, Wonderful Tiki Glasses, Shaker and a Fine Strainer.
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A wonderful 14 inch branded picnic hamper containing all you need to enjoy cocktails in the garden or whilst out exploring. It is easy to carry and full of everything you need to enjoy your cocktails in the sun! 


The Oro summer hamper contains:

  • Full Cocktail Pack with Mixer (you can choose from the Oro collection and V collection, choose your favourites) 
  • Two Tiki Highballs,
  • One Tin on Tin Shaker
  • Bar Fine Strainer (the bar spoon in the image is currently out of stock and back soon). 


To specifiy which cocktails, please fill out the box on the cart with the cocktails you would like - 5 in total, if you simply want Oro Signature Cocktails then please leave this section blank.

These are the Oro and Oro V cocktail collections-  

Oro Cocktails: 

  • Oro Bramble (50ml Oro Gin, 15ml Gomme 1:1 sugar syrup, 25 ml of Crème de Mure and 20ml Lime juice)


  • Oro Cosmo (50ml Oro Gin, 15ml Gomme 1:1 sugar syrup, 25ml Cranberry juice, 25ml Triple sec, 15ml Lemon juice)


  • Negroni (50ml Oro Gin, 20ml Bitter orange Italian liqueur, 45ml Sweet vermouth and 20ml Bitter orange Italian liqueur)


  • Espresso Martini (50ml Oro Gin, 15ml Gomme 1:1 sugar syrup and 50ml Decaffeinated Italian coffee)


  • Oro Strawberry Cup (50ml Oro Gin, 20ml Mint syrup, 25ml Strawberry syrup, 20ml Lemon juice, 10ml Vanilla rum and a fever-tree lemonade) 

Oro V Cocktails: 

  • The V Cucumber Mojito Cooler  (50ml Oro V Gin, 15ml Mint Syrup, 15 ml Vanilla Rum, 20ml Lemon Juice and add a dash of Fever-Tree cucumber tonic - its up to you how much to add.)


  • The V Chelsea Sidecar (50ml Oro V Gin, 15ml Gomme Syrup, 25 ml Triple Sec and 25ml Lemon Juice)


  • The Honey Pot (50ml Oro V Gin, 30 ml Honey Syrup and 20ml Lemon juice)


  • The Chambles (50ml Oro V Gin, 15ml Gomme Syrup, 25 ml of Black Raspberry Liqueur and 20ml Lemon juice)


  • Oro V Aviation (50ml Oro V Gin, 15 ml Crème de Violette, 15ml Lemon juice and 10ml Maraschino Liqueur)


A wonderful gift this summer!