OroRum (700ml)

Scottish Vapour Infused Botanical White Rum, complementary Coca-Cola Signature Woody Mixers
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OroRum is distilled with a total of 9 botanicals. Bringing the chocolate and natural sweetness are the delicious Peruvian Organic Cacao nibs and stunning vanilla from Madagascar. To balance this sweetness, we have infused Indonesian Java black pepper, Cinnamon from Sri Lanka and Madagascar, Cassia from China, and a dash of liquorice. To add further depth to the rum we also infused orange peel from Murcia and almond from Spain as well. Finally, as with the Oro gins there is one secret botanical adding “rooty spice” and intrigue to the rum.

Using the 100% copper still and rectifying column the “Scottish Botanical White Rum” is first distilled in Bridie the 600L hand built bespoke still and then passes into the rectifying column. This ensures the cleanest and smoothest spirit possible has been produced. On leaving the rectifying column the spirit passes through our vapour infuser, a part where the alcohol vapour passes through the delicate botanicals. On doing so extracting the light and delicate flavour compounds, these bring a unique, complex and light flavour profile to the white rum.

OroRum Tasting Notes:

Nose: Clean and fresh, with natural sweetness from the vanilla.

Palate: Understated vanilla sweetness and rich chocolate from the vanilla and Cacao nibs. Warmth appears on the palate through the cinnamon, Java pepper and Cassia finishing velvety smooth and with a delightful dash of orange citrus.


We recommend OroRum with the signature Woody mixer and a fresh slice of orange. Alternatively, simply paired with regular or Diet Coca-Cola and a twist of lime for a classic Cuba Libre. 

With every order we send two complementary bottles of Signature Coca-Cola Woody mixers and garnish. This is a little gift from us and Coca-Cola.